Be Alert! Hackers On Prowl


Its time you need be extra alert while using your digital wallet. Hackers are always on prowl and out to steal your hard- earned money even without OTP and PIN. A Noida-based woman got shock of her life after hackers stole her money without using PIN and OTP. Within 15-20 minutes, hackers defrauded her over Rs 1.5 lakh from her debit and credit cards. Now she is running helter-skelter.

The three fraudulent transactions — two on her HDFC debit card worth Rs 52,499.99 and Rs 44,544.24 and one on HDFC credit card worth Rs 52,499.99 were done at the same merchant called ASHANTI, PARIS 10/FR, on New Year’s Eve.

The victim Neha Chandra was on a New Year vacation to Paris. She immediately informed the HDFC customer care, got both the cards blocked, transferred the rest of the amount from the affected savings account to another joint HDFC account, and lodged an FIR in Paris.

As per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines, there is a three-day window for the affected customers to do the necessary formalities in case of a fraudulent online transaction and once done, the bank will reverse the amount stolen on credit card within 10 working days.

But despite these guidelines Ms Chandra is yet to receive any amount from the ban k. Worse the bank has asked her to get the FIR translated into English. This will cost her Rs 8,000. Isn’t it unfair that instead of returning her stolen money, bank is asking her to spend more.

This is India, my dear sister . Here rules and regulations help only VIPs, not common man.

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