Punished For Annoying Saffron Bosses


In the current dispensation, anything done against saffron colors would be deemed as grave crime.

A senior official of the Banaras Hindu University the other day learned this the hard way. She was forced to quit as she dared to remove an RSS flag from a playground on the university campus . Not only this she has also been charged by the local police for “insulting religious beliefs”.

The woman official working as the Deputy Chief Proctor at the renowned university in Mirzapur, removed the flag after students affiliated to the RSS were holding a shakha (gathering) in the campus.Her fault was that she was following the rules. The prestigious university rules don’t allow religious flag hosting in the campus.

Saffron people are known for their “Do and Die” attitude to protect or built the temples (Mandir) but hardly respect temples of higher learning. Universities are living temples of learning, more lively and valuable than temples of symbolic deities. Over the years the infiltration of politics has highly polluted the universities in India so much so that some of them have turned into hotbed of politics.

The big question is: should universities or any educational institution be allowed to be used as ‘fertile ground’ for party politics? Educational institutions belong to students and studies. There is no place for fragmented views in schools, colleges and institutions. Whether RSS, left or centrist, politics ought to be banned in educational institutions. Those who favor infiltration of non-educational activities in universities are doing great dis-service to the nation’s building by destroying the very fabric of our future.

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