Sharad Pawar Is Real Chanakya!

Chander Sharma

Not surprised at the home coming of Ajit Pawar, the once heir apparent to NCP chief Sharad Pawar. I believe Ajit Pawar support to BJP and Devendra Fadnavis was just to fox BJP Chankya, Amit Shah. And wittingly or unwittingly, Shah and co fell in the trap laid by Sharad Pawar. NCP chief is a master strategian . He reacts to the political situation to perfection. Ajit Pawar is not a fool to have strayed away to BJP for deputy Chief Minister post. Being NCP legislative party leader, he could have comfortably grabbed this post in Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress “Bahnumati ka kunba” dispensation. He also knew it that it was not easy to defy his uncle Sharad Pawar and his strong control over NCP. The very existence of this party is due to Sharad Pawar’s popularity and his strong mass base in Western Maharashtra. The massive victory margin of Ajit Pawar from Baramati in the recent assembly elections (over 1.65 lakh vote margin) was also due to Sharad Pawar. Without Sharad Pawar support, none including Ajit Pawar could win from Baramati- the personal fiefdom of NCP chief.

I am also not ready to buy the argument that Ajit Pawar was pressurized to support in return for closure of cases against him. Its absurd. As long as our judiciary is pro-active, there can hardly be any arms-twisting with law.

It was a part of Shiv Sena-NCP-Cogress strategy, crafted by Sharad Pawar to fox the BJP and Amit Shah. Being in power at centre, govt could have delayed the President rule in the state under the pretext of fluid political situation. Even Supreme Court could have hardly intervened in this matter. So the immediate requirement to stake a claim for the govt was to get President’s rule lifted from the state and the best way was through BJP. Accordingly, Ajit Pawar was dwarfed to the BJP and the strategy worked. Preident rule was lifted overnight to install Devender Frenandvis govt with tactical Ajit Pawar support. And this govt fell within 80 hours of installation.

BJP was, really, mistaken to treat Maharashtra- the home of rebellion and theoretical- like Goa and Manipur. It is said “kath kee handi baar -baar nahin chadti”. This has exactly happened in Maharashtra. All political parties need to learn a lesson. Sharad Pawan has proved he is the real Chankya.

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