“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you are today”!!!!

                                           CRAZY NEWS INDIA is Empanel with HP Information & Public Relation Department 

Launched in 2018 in the summer capital of the land of the Gods, CRAZY NEWS INDIA is a multilingual online news web portal that aims to sheathe the entire news going from grass root to the top echelons of the state. 


We, Crazy News India through news, views, analyses, and interactivity provides our viewers and readers with a composite unbiased picture of the city, the country, and the world around them.  Our motive is not just to attract news seekers, but also to create an interactive platform that serves the needs and interests of the youth and those who are seeking any kind of information about the nation or the state.



Here, we will be producing documentary/T.V. spots, telefilms, and success stories, of educational value, on the subject such as education, social science, culture & history, health, environment, and the subject of social issues of awareness such as child labor and rehabilitation, drugs, women empowerment, adult literacy program, girl education, travel and many more subjects related to the same kind. The site will be updated continuously throughout the day. The website provides updates on breaking news, four northern states including Himachal, Haryana, Punjab, and Delhi, national news, international, sports, business, travel, gadget, entertainment, lifestyle, etc.

Our team has been tie-up very concretely with a vast and strong vision to share long outstanding experience and knowledge for the sake of society for its noble cause and contribution with hard work.






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