BJP a ‘movement that connects people’, not a ‘poll winning machine’, says PM Modi

Slamming those who call BJP as a mere “election-winning machine” Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said the critics have never understood the maturity of Indian democracy as “the party is a continuous and relentless campaign to win the hearts of the country.”

“We see these double standards,” PM Modi said while addressing the BJP workers across the country on its 41st Foundation Day. “If BJP wins elections, it is said that the party is an election-winning machine. But when others win, the party is praised and so are its leaders… Those who say that the BJP is an election-winning machine are not able to measure the intelligence of its voters. It’s beyond their understanding. They will never be able to understand the aspirations and dreams of the Indian voters,” Modi said in the video address.

Cautioning the party workers PM Modi said: “Today false narratives are made around sometimes with CAA, sometimes on the farm laws and sometimes with labour laws. Every BJP worker has to understand that there is a well-calculated politics behind it and there is a big conspiracy behind it. Their purpose is to create political instability in the country. Therefore various rumours are spread in the country, confusion is created. They say that constitution will be changed, that reservation will be quashed and sometimes they say that the farmers’ land will be snatched. These are all lies,” he said.

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