Natural Farming increases income & Social Empowerment :Exclusive Interview with Executive Director Dr. Rajeshwar Singh Chandel

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Himachal Pradesh is an agricultural state. About 70 % of population of state,gets employment from the areas related to agricultural.

Keeping this in mind, the Himachal government is giving trainning to the farmers to adopt natural farming under #Prakritik Kheti Kushal Kisan Yojna of #Subhash #Palekar #Natural #Farming.

Under the #SPNF the farmers are not at all dependent on market for any input for their crops but they themselves resource it,says Executive Director, Prof. Rajeshwar Singh Chandel to #crazynewsindia

In Himachal Pradesh,over the years people have been using excessive chemicals on agriculture and horticulture crops in Himachal. Many times, it has been found insecticides and fungicide have more been used which is a serious concern and even the farmers are keen to shift to the natural farming technique, which brings down the cost of cultivation drastically and helps them to increase their income & social empowerment . It is good for their own health as well because they don’t have to spray chemicals now. Today, the number of people adopting SPNF  — an encouraging sign,”

Dr.Chandel added today, the farmers are able to take multiple crops on the same farm by adopting the SPNF.

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