NCC cadets celebrated Yoga Day, gave message of healthy society, healthy country and healthy future

Shimla, June 21

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, cadets of 7 HP (I) Company NCC Shimla here on Tuesday celebrated the occasion of International Yoga as directed by Commanding Officer Colonel DR. Gargey. About 700 cadets participated enthusiastically in this yoga camp organized at the ground of St. Edward’s School Shimla. On this occasion, Yogacharya Vikas Sharma of St. Edward’s School made the cadets and youth aware about the benefits of yoga and got them to practice various Yogasanas and Yoga-kriyas. During this event, the cadets performed yoga like Suryanamaskar, Shirshasan, Trikonasana, Chakrasana, Vajrasana, Tadasana and gave the message by embodying the concept of a healthy society, a healthy country and a healthy future.

Along with yoga, the cadets were also told about the importance of cleanliness and encouraged to make yoga an integral part of their life. Apart from this, he emphasized the need of yoga to keep the body and mind healthy and healthy. On Yoga, Commanding Officer Col. D.R. Gargey exhorted all that healthy humanity, building a healthy nation, healthy youth are important for the progress and protection of the nation and society. Commanding Officer Gargey inspired and exhorted all the youth and people to do yoga as daily habit in life. On this occasion NCC training staff of 7 HP (I) company NCC Shimla, training-JCO, NCC officers, nodal officers, teachers of St. Edwards School Shimla also practiced in yoga practice. During this occasion, food was also served to the cadets after the concluding of the yoga camp. 7 HP NCC Shimla thanked Father/Principal Anil Sukera and NCC Officer Satish Chandra Sharma for supporting this yoga camp at St. Edwards School premises.


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