Impose self quarantine

Puneet Gautam, Arki

The most intelligent species on this earth, have now become so dumb, so careless that they actually need our Prime Minister to impose self quarantine/isolation on all of us. Is it we need anyone?

22nd March 2020, the first Janta Curfew going so successful but as soon as it hit 5:00PM, some went on streets celebrating like it’s a festival? Are we so unaware of what we are talking.

Corona Virus is an epidemic that make the global shutdown and here the so acclaimed meme society is making fun of it as all of us are Ph.D in Medicine and Virology.

People are taking this as normal flu but keep in mind that the fatality rate of flu is 0.1% while the ESTIMATED FATALITY RATE of COVID-19 is 3.5% . The conditions in China and Italy are in front of us, it’s in the news and it’s evident that currently it’s the biggest threat to the human race and THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING.

Italy and China has less population density as compared to India. If this epidemic situation came in India, the situations will be 100 times worse if we don’t stop and keep our restless asses inside our houses.

When will we actually stop ourselves. A big question for all of us? Will we take precautions after seeing increasing death rates in India in the upcoming weeks or after seeing our closed ones on the death beds? When we will stop…….

All of us have pledged in our schools, “To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion in their Well Being and Prosperity alone, lies my happiness.” A lot of us wish and want to serve for our country and the BIGGEST SERVICE and BIGGEST HELP you can do for this nation right now is by KEEP INSIDE your HOUSES and NOT GOING OUT for the upcoming unknown time. You can utilise this time by spending time with your family, learning new skills, things you always wanted to learn, work on your skills or simply, Netflix and chill!

Stay safe and Stay inside your houses.

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