Book discussion organised at Shoolini Univ

Solan, June 17
The Belletristic Literature Society of the Department of English at Shoolini University organised a discussion on Dr. Nandini C. Sen’s book, The Second Wife and Other Stories. Sen teaches English Literature at Bharati College, Delhi University, and writes on Diaspora Studies, African Studies, and Comparative Literature. Some of her academic works are The Black Woman Speaks, A Study of Flora Nwapa and Buchi Emecheta (2019) and Through the Diasporic Lens, Mahasweta Devi: Critical Perspectives (2012).
She also discussed the role of the author in terms of writing, editing, and presenting a story for the reader. Dr. Sen also said that she is inspired by the works of Tagore, Mahasweta Debi, and other works of fiction. Dr. Sakshi Sundaram, Assistant Professor, Shoolini University , talked about how the short stories deal with marriage, caste, class, and feminist versions of mythological characters.

The session was also attended by Dr. Purnima Bali, Dr. Navreet Sahi, Mr. Neeraj Pizar, Mr. Samrat Sharma, and Mr. Hemant Kumar Sharma, who discussed issues related to Indian women and the representation of the same in fiction.

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